Town Hall Meeting approach

Engagement, Participation & Fulfillment is what is Important!

Life Long learning Lectures  are designed to meet the informational needs and tastes of  the senior. Lectures  are typically 60 minutes. Continuity is an important element to continued intellectual awareness and education. The HRG Facilitator presents an information topic (s). The lecturer will present the lecture material and at the same time encourage an interactive discussion and sharing of information. We think of this as “Priming the Intellectual Pump” of the seniors. In many ways, it is a a return to the Town Hall Meeting concept. Presenters may be academics, retired teachers, substitute teachers, college graduates and always those with a sense and appreciation of history.  Always, HRG presenters are people who are upbeat,  mature and have a sense of empathy to the life contribution of our seniors.

Town Hall meeting topics in conjunction with Life Long Learning lectures involve:

National, Intl. Events                           Editorials                          Book Reviews

Politics                                               The Arts                             Sports

History vignettes                                  Education                         Health

Religion                                              Technology                       Theater

Individual one on one Discussion sessions may also be scheduled with your senior.

A key value to the HRG Group Discussion program is the Feedback Mechanism. We will let you know of the senior’s level of interest and interaction.

Some Feedback from a Client Activity Director

 HRG has been a huge success here at _____ Senior Living, New Jersey. My residents look forward to the interesting topics and the wonderful discussions that result from each session.  HRG has found a way to reach out to a group of my residents in an educational manner.  They are especially responsive to the senior’s  topics of interest and this has allowed them to learn and discuss their opinions in a very comfortable setting.”

Activities and Volunteer Coordinator

                                       The Harkness Philosophy

On April 9, 1930, philanthropist Edward Harkness wrote to Exeter Academy’s ‘s principal  suggesting an innovative mode of teaching: What I have in mind is a classroom where students could sit around a table with a teacher who would talk with them and instruct them by a sort of tutorial or conference method, where each student would feel encouraged to speak up. This would be a real revolution in methods.” The result was “Harkness Teaching,” in which a teacher and a group of students work together, exchanging ideas and information and are able to see the eyes of every other person they are talking  to.

This is the essence of the HRG Town Hall meeting lecture program for seniors.

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