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 photo (1)         HRG complements teacher’s existing Social Studies Core Curriculum efforts

          HRG life long learning presentations are designed for middle and high school          students   and  intended to support the school’s core curriculum requirements. HRG presentations  are typically 60 minutes, involve narrative and PowerPoint graphics and are presented  by a HRG historian.

         Of course, HRG will leave time for student/historian  interaction,  Q & A as well as ad -hoc commentary. see Life Long Learning Lectures and   Presentations tab for such important themes as Presidential Inaugurations, Presidents and First Ladies (the women behind the men) or the Kennedy years, ex. JFK and the Cuban Missile Crisis.

       HRG presentations will help students acquire the knowledge and skills to to think analytically about how the past and present interactions of people, cultures, and the environment shape our American heritage. Such knowledge and skills will enable students to make informed decisions that reflect fundamental rights and core democratic values as productive citizens in local, national and global communities.


HRG recently presented at Brookdale Community College:  Charles A. Lindbergh, America First, a review of Lindbergh’s involvment in the America First isolationist movement prior to WWII and his combat involvement in WWII flying with the Marine’s Satan Angels.

Mr. White and HRG….

Thank you for your presentation on Charles Lindbergh. It was very interesting, and you are a dynamic speaker. Your PowerPoint was eye catching and well organized, and your presentation style was certainly engaging.

Brookdale Community College

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