Notable News and Events

HRG recently presented at Brookdale Community College:  Charles A. Lindbergh, America First, a review of Lindbergh’s involvment in the America First isolationist movement prior to WWII and his combat involvement in WWII flying with the Marine’s Satan Angels.

Paul White founder of HRG was a speaker  at the 2012 and 2013 American Overseas Memorial Day celebration at the Somme American military Cemetery, Bony, France honoring  all veterans and those American soldiers who gave their lives in defense of freedom and liberty.

The following Memorial Activities are planned for Sunday Memorial Day at 1500 Hours.

Master of Ceremony: Mr. James Gerard, American Overseas Memorial Day Association

Superintendent: Mr. Eric Barker 



1.    Superintendent’s Welcoming Remarks:

Mr. Eric Barker, Superintendent of the Somme American Cemetery

2.    Presentation of Colors:

US EUCOM Joint Color Guard

3.    Introductory Remarks:

Mr. James Gerard, American Overseas Memorial Day Association

4.    National Anthems performed by:

“La Marseillaise” and “The Star Spangled Banner” by the French Army Forces Band, Lille and SHAPE International Band, SHAPE, Belgium

5.    Invocation:

LTC Robert Land, USEUCOM Deputy Command Chaplain, United States Army

6.    Welcome Address:

Mr. Philippe Gyselinck, Mayor of Bony

7.    Memorial Address:  

Rear Admiral John G. Messerschmidt, Director of Assessments and Analysis, U.S. European Command.

8.    Memorial Address: 

Mr. Paul White, President Huntington Reading Group, Nephew of Corporal John McCormick, buried in the cemetery

9.    Memorial Prayer:

Chaplain Emanuel Simon, French Army

10. Brass Band Hymns performed by:

The French Army Forces Band, Lille

11. Laying of wreaths

12. Firing of Rifle Volleys, Playing of TAPS, Raising of the Colors, Minute of Silence

13. “Amazing Grace” performed by:  The French Army  Forces Band, Lille

14. Benediction:  M. Andre Dumez, Saint Martin l’Escaut Parish, Saint Quentin

15.  “God Bless America” performed by:  SHAPE International Band, SHAPE, Belgium

16. Closing Remarks:  Mr. James Gerard, American Overseas Memorial Day Association

17.  Retiring of the Colors

Wine of Honor – WWI Exhibition & WWI Re-enactors

French Military:  1st Firing Battery, 40e French Artillery Regiment, Suippes 

United States Military:  5th Signal Theater Strategic Signal Command & 2nd Theater Strategic Signal Brigade, Wiesbaden, Germany 

Band:  SHAPE International Band, SHAPE, Belgium & French Army Forces Band, Lille


For information regarding the Aging Successfully Festival…Celebrating Older Americans Month where Paul White of HRG will present, visit the SCOSA Website often for Festival updates

Stockton College’s SCOSA Successful Aging Festival – our first since 2008  – never too old to play…celebrating older americans month.

Paul White of Huntington Reading Group will present:

Productive Aging through more Intellectual Stimulation – Bingo is not the only recreational activity for our seniors!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012 – 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Save the Date Flyer

ALC Support in 2012


Register at the top right of home page and begin downloading Now to March 1st. Free staff in-services includes power point, hand outs, staff pre and post tests. The tool kit includes, Proclamation, Alzheimer’s Bill of Rights and Alzheimer’s Pledge and so much more. Fantastic in-service on Sexuality and Intimacy and Dementia. See

“Because When They Know Better They Do Better!” Maya Angelou

National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners

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  1. Thanks. I want to share a short story. I was compelled to move my 89 year old mother from her Huntington, Long Island home of some 50 years to assisted living here in New Jersey due to complications brought about by age, macular degeneration and the onset of mild dementia. It was shortly after that time that I began reading to my mother articles from the New York Times and other periodicals to fulfill her need for information and intellectual stimulation.I should add that throughout her entire life, she had always had an abiding interest in information, education and continually moving forward with one’s life. Always I chose to read or converse with her in public areas within the assisted living environs as she tended to isolate in her room with her two cats. It was soon thereafter that I noticed other senior residents were clustered around us listening as they too had the same interest and desire for information, intellectual rand perhaps emotional recreation. It was at this point, actually many occurrences of this nature thereafter, that the proverbial light went off in my head. I decided to offer the same intellectual recreation to a greater number of seniors, more than just my mother. My mother and her still robust desire for information stimulus was in fact the genesis for HRG and the Historical Education series as well as Group Discussion program that we now offer to residents in independent and assisted living facilities. The Historical Education series is now extended to our youth as well as our seniors.

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