Our Mission


Care takes many forms. Our Lifelong Learning, historically oriented presentation series  will add vitality to your senior’s day!

HRG provides innovative and upbeat historical presentation, group discussion and intellectual stimulation to senior residents in independent living/assisted living centers, continuing care environments. Lifelong Learning topics are designed for those seniors who have always enjoyed the benefits of history, current events, associated discourse, however have eyesight, ambulatory or age issues that make reading difficult  or impossible. It is designed for seniors who seek the mental and emotional stimulation of information and continued learning that may not be easily or regularly available to them.

Importantly Lifelong Learning, historically oriented presentations and the sharing of information is conducted in a caring manner by HRG presenters who understand and appreciate the life contribution of our seniors. HRG Lifelong Learning is  designed to “prime the intellectual pump of the senior”.

Engagement, Participation and Fulfillment by your senior is the goal of the program!

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One thought on “Our Mission

  1. Thank you so much for your presentation on John F. Kennedy and the Cuban Missile Crisis. It was wonderful and I love the way you interact with the residents…that is what makes it….and that is what Recreation is all about to me….

    Director of Activities
    Independent/Assisted Living

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