About Us

An educationally oriented information program filled with HOPE, RESPECT, DIGNITY & CARE

Paul White, founder of HRGread is a healthcare executive with 30 years plus experience. Most importantly, he has a love of history, education and for the contribution of those who came before him. Paul has surrounded himself with an experienced  support staff responsible for setting the educational program curriculum for the Lifelong Learning and Town Hall Meeting program, selection of presenters/facilitators, scheduling and providing all other support service components for the program.

  • Graduate of Marquette University – History Degree
  • Graduate degree in History from Monmouth University
  • Author of Korean War – Overshadowed War Still, Forgotten No Longer
  • American Overseas Memorial Day Association – Board Member
  • Society of Hospital Medicine – member
  • American College of Health Executives – member
  • Assisted Living Professionals Association – member
  • Licensed Nursing Home Administration of America – member

A short story………

Some time ago, I was compelled to move my 89 year old mother from her Huntington, Long Island home of some 50 years to assisted living here in New Jersey due to complications brought about by age, macular degeneration and the onset of mild dementia. It was shortly after that time that I began reading to my mother articles from the New York Times and other periodicals to fulfill her need for information, a sense of continued growth and intellectual stimulation. She had always  an abiding interest in the wonder of new information, education and always  moving forward with one’s life. To allow her these necessities, I chose to read or converse with her in public areas within the assisted living environs because she tended to isolate in her room with her two cats. It was soon thereafter that I noticed other senior residents were clustered around us listening, as they too had the same interest and desire for information, intellectual and emotional stimulation. It was at this point and after many occurrences of this nature  that the proverbial light went off in my head. I decided to offer the same intellectual stimulation to a greater number of seniors, more than just my mother. My mother and her still robust desire for information stimulus was in fact the genesis for HRG and  its Lifelong Learning and Town Hall Meeting program that we now offer to  residents in independent and assisted living facilities. 

Paul White

John Sullivan – Managing Director

John has now joined HRG and is responsible for the Southeastern United States.


3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I enjoyed your lecture on The Cuban Missile Crisis at Maris Grove yesterday, Sept 7th. Thank you, it was great. Mary Ann Pezick

    • MaryAnn…Thanks. I enjoyed bringing this key part of our history to you, though in the case of you and the other residents, it was a reminder of what you all lived through, with some additional “in depth” archival information thrown in. Let’s see if we can get together over something akin to American Artists and their Art, Broadway Plays and Musicals or any of the subjects noted on my site. I very much enjoyed all of the questions and comments by the residents afterwards and in particular talking to the woman who grew up in Cuba, who asked about why JFK chose to not support the Cuban rebels at the Bay of Pigs Invasion. The ability to interact like that is what it is all about!

      You have a wonderful home and your overall approach is first class!



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